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Visits from potential new members are welcomed but please note, due to ongoing delays with the processing of police checks, there will be a wait of several months between applying for membership and starting Safe to Shoot training.

Addiscombe Rifle Club has been based in Croydon since 1907 and is set in a very pleasant woodland area close to East Croydon Station. The club welcomes new members, whether you are an established shooter or a newcomer to this fascinating and very enjoyable sport.

The Club welcomes new members who may borrow Club rifles and equipment and will receive free tuition. Target Shooting is not an expensive sport and can be enjoyed from a few pounds a week. For Membership details click here.


Our members range from international shots to those who shoot simply for enjoyment and to challenge themselves. Men and women compete on equal terms as shooting does not need physical strength. Women's air rifle and pistol shooting is one of the UK's fastest growing sports. 

The Club is fortunate to have two outdoor ranges both with covered shooting  positions. The Bottom Range has ranges at 25 yards, 50 meters and 100 yards for .22LR Target Rifles. The Top Range has 20 yard, 20 meter, 25 yard and 50 yard ranges for Air Gun and .22LR Target Rifles. Inside the main Clubhouse are two further Air ranges at 20 yards and 10 metres. 

With the growing popularity of the Field Target (FT) and Hunter Field Target (HFT) disciplines the club has made a significant investment in facilities and has constructed a new five lane airgun range for this purpose.

The Club is open on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, and Saturday morning/Sunday afternoon on a alternating weekly basis.


New members must attend a compulsory Safe to Shoot training course on Monday evenings before graduating to shoot at other times.

To view the Club prior to applying for membership please contact us to arrange this.


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