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Guest Days - visit the Club and try this fascinating sport   Click here to book

We have arranged a time with the Police to introduce new shooters and prospective members to the Club and enable them to shoot Air Rifle and/or .22 Rimfire Rifle. Guest days take place on the first ****day of each month, and beginners are most welcome. You will find us very welcoming and keen to help you.

Please note that visitors may shoot at the Club only on a Guest Day.

Full members of other Rifle Clubs holding an FAC may shoot by prior arrangement with the Club Secretary

A 60 minute guest visit costs £25 for registration, insurance, use of an Air Rifle, targets, 30 pellets, Safety Briefing and instruction in groups of four. Additional 30 minute sessions can be booked, subject to availability:

£5.00 - Target Air Rifle (30 pellets)

£5.00 - Field Target Air Rifle (30 pellets)

£10.00 - .22 Bolt Action Target Rifle (20 rounds) with one to one instruction

£20.00 - .22 Semi-Automatic Rifle (50 rounds) with one to one instruction


Important Information

* Pre-Registration is a legal requirement. You cannot simply turn up and shoot. Every shooter must pre-register for every visit

* All shooters must be at least 10 years old and strong enough to support a rifle

* Any shooter who, in the sole opinion of an Instructor or Range Officer, is unsafe to shoot, will be asked to leave the range and will receive a full refund

* All participants must certify that they are not prevented by law from using Firearms or Air Weapons

* No refunds are available

Click here to book

Please also note that on Guest Mornings you are not able to bring and/or sight your own rifles nor are non-members with FACs able to shoot their own firearms on the ranges.

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