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New members are welcome, please see full details on our Membership page.  Please note you will have to complete a six month probationary period during which time you will be expected to attend on a regular basis after you have finished your Safe to Shoot training.


Those who shoot Smallbore have access to outdoor ranges of 50 meters and 100 yards, and a flood-lit range of 25 yards.

The 50 meter and 100 yard ranges are available for use when there is enough natural light to safely see the targets by, though the Club is engaged in an ongoing project to fully light all the outdoor ranges.

Members often compete in a number of national and local postal competitions, both in teams and as individuals.  

While completing the probationary period, beginners have  free use of Club rifles and associated equipment, such as shooting jacket, scope, sling and shooting glove free. Ammunition can be purchased for use at the club but must not be removed from the club premises.


Once elected to Full Membership Club rifles may continue to be used at any time, although we find most members apply for a Firearms Certificate to own and shoot their own rifles.

FAC Air Rifle


This is a new discipline to the Club and a nice progression for any member who wants to practise precision long range target shooting without the need for powder.

A dedicated 50 yard range is in the process of being set up for High power/FAC air rifles.  In addition to this we have plans for providing a number of lanes suitable for 100 yard Bench Rest for High power air, this will enable members of our club the ability to train for long range competitions such as Extreme Bench Rest and to really stretch their legs!  Our aim (excuse the pun!) is to have both of these ranges up and ready for use as soon as possible.

Air Rifle/Pistol

Whilst Smallbore at the Club has been in existence since 1907, shooting Air Rifle/Pistol by comparison is relatively young, being formed in the late 1980's and is going from strength to strength with a growing number of enthusiastic shooters who share a great camaraderie and love of anything airgun, from air pistol (sub 6ft lbs) to air rifle (sub 12ft lbs), target shooting, FT/HFT or those who just enjoy coming down for a shoot.  (Please note we are not currently able to support Airsoft, BB, Crossbow or Archery).

With the growing popularity of the Field Target (FT) and Hunter Field Target (HFT) disciplines the club has made a significant investment in facilities and has constructed a new six lane airgun range for this purpose.  There are many members who also shoot over the longer distances seen in the FT and HFT disciplines, with internal club competitions at 30 metres, 40 metres and 50 yards.  

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